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How do I create a plan with RTC REST API?

Kurtulus YILDIRIM (681121) | asked Feb 16 '15, 4:31 p.m.
edited Feb 16 '15, 4:45 p.m.
I want to create a plan in a RTC project area with REST api. However I couldn't find the creation service for plan.
Thank you in advance.

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sam detweiler (12.5k6195201) | answered Feb 16 '15, 8:53 p.m.
Plans are still undocumented
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Kurtulus YILDIRIM commented Feb 17 '15, 2:18 p.m.

Hi Sam,
Does that mean I can not do that? or I just can't find any documentation about it?
Also, Is there a method to query plans via REST API?
Thank you.

sam detweiler commented Feb 17 '15, 2:28 p.m.

far as I know apis to access plans, but java and REST are not documented. you 'might' be able to do it, but I do not know how..

my access to plans is via Java api, and it is not very functional.

you might be able to read the product code to determine the apis and how they work.
because they are undocumented, IBM is still free to change them without notice

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