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OSLC: PUT to update Workitem is not working (Response 403)

Stefan Hufnagl (29411920) | asked Feb 02 '15, 2:57 a.m.
edited Feb 02 '15, 3:02 a.m.

I have a strange Problem with updating an existend Workitem. Every time I try it I got "Forbidden" 403 response. 
The reason for updating a Workitem is to include a Link to Artefacts. The Artefacts still exist.
BTW, it seems that some discussion about updating a Workitem are "out of date"?

Environment and preparation:
* I use "Advanced REST Client" available for Chrome Browser
* First I make a GET Request to retrieve the ETAG, Session ID and Workitem RDF body.
* I set the related Header
Accept:                          application/rdf+xml
    OSLC-Core-Version:     2.0
    If-Match:                        b735a2af-7a9c-3b79-8931-4908fb7db710
    X-Jazz-CSRF-Prevent: 74AF64300E675135C8FB6383CA9EBD58
    Content-Type:               application/rdf+xml
* Also I used the RDF "payload" recieved from the GET request.
* At the end I got a 403 forbidden, normaly a hint that the ETAG or SessenID is not correct?
* The URL for GET and PUT is:

BTW, with DNG Artefacts I have no PUT problems.

Thx in advance


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