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ccm_upgrade concerns -- please help

Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9283269) | asked Feb 01 '15, 10:41 p.m.
CLM 405
SQL Server
windows 2012
  1. Copied database and production environment - check
  2. Modified files and host file - check
  3. Server Rename - check
Machine has a new name, copies of the DBs, a server rename was done and it is separate and we ran a ton of tests to prove no connection to production machine.
  1. jts_upgrade to 502 - success
  2. ccm_upgrade to 502 - jts teamserver file, success, ccm file -- issue:\:/IBM/JazzTeamServer502/conf/ccm/indices
nPersonalBuild=true                                                        [
DaReZo8ti\=\=]                                    <rdf\:RDF\r\
n xmlns\:rdf\="http\://\#"\r\n       
xmlns\:j.2\="http\://" > \r\n          
<rdf\:Description rdf\:nodeID\="A0">\r\n                                
hDomain>\r\n <j.2\:internal>false</j.2\:internal>\r\n                   
merKey>\r\n <j.1\:rootServices                                          
"/>\r\n <j.0\:title>Jazz Team Server</j.0\:title>\r\n <rdf\:type        
\r\n </rdf\:Description>\r\n</rdf\:RDF>\r\n                    <rdf\:RD
F\r\n xmlns\:rdf\="http\://\#"\r\n   
xmlns\:j.0\="http\://" > \r\n             
<rdf\:Description rdf\:nodeID\="A0">\r\n                                
<j.0\:oauthConsumerName>Jazz Team Server</j.0\:oauthConsumerName>\r\n   
merKey>\r\n <rdf\:type                                                  
\n </rdf\:Description>\r\n</rdf\:RDF>\r\n                      
I have never come across this in a file, plus the file is referencing the server's original URI ( enough, the power went out on the server before I got a chance to finish.

What should I do?

Ralph Schoon commented Feb 02 '15, 5:29 a.m.

The error above is hard to read. You might want to check with support.
If CCM tries to connect the old server I would think that there are either still old URI's in the or the server rename did not include all URI's.

I assume you copied also the index files over- See

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Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9283269) | answered Feb 02 '15, 8:28 a.m.
 Yeah, the index files were copied as part of the VM/database. There was a reindex done as well. It's odd as lines like just this one below don't make sense.<rdf\:rdf\r\ n="" xmlns\:rdf\="http\://\#" \r\n="" xmlns\:j.0\="http\://" \r\n="" xmlns\:j.1\="http\://" \r\n="" xmlns\:j.2\="http\://"> \r\n          
<rdf\:description rdf\:nodeID\="A0">\r\n                                
<j.2\:oauthdomain>https\://\:9445/jts</j.2\:oaut>\r\n <j.2\:internal>false</j.2\:internal>\r\n                   
<j.2\:oauthconsumerkey>ac9419fead0d4ce6aac0ced581cfa227</j.2\:oauthconsu>\r\n <j.1\:rootservices rdf\:resource\="https\://\:9445/jts/rootservices
"/>\r\n <j.0\:title>Jazz Team Server</j.0\:title>\r\n <rdf\:type rdf\:resource\="http\://"/>
\r\n </rdf\:description>\r\n</rdf\:rdf>\r\n

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