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Estimated vs Actual report in RTC5 - no query options

Glen Maxfield (956) | asked Jan 29 '15, 5:23 p.m.

I'm trying to get the Estimated vs Actual microreport to work on my dashboard, but it comes up empty.  In the setting, I can pick the project area and the report no problem.  When I try to select the query, I don't have any selection options for team area, timeline, or iteration.  Can't attach an image because my reputation is less than 60, lol.

The project has the normal default team area, and what appear to be normal timelines and iterations. 

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Don Yang (7.7k21110139) | answered Jan 29 '15, 6:35 p.m.
According to Help,

Micro Estimated vs Actual Work report is Data Warehouse(DW) type hence you will need to have data warehouse configured and ETL data collection job run and successful. You can go to ccm/admin > reports and check with
data collection job section to see if it has been configured and go to data collection status section to find out the latest run status.
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