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Getting list of files in folder which was deleted

Gidi Gal (962054) | asked Jan 27 '15, 5:02 a.m.
Hello to the forum members,

My RTC extension displays information related to files in a workspace. I listen to repository events using the API
void, IListener arg1)

A possible event - user deletes a folder in his RTC (Eclipse) project and checks-in this change. I need to update my display, I'd like to know which files are no longer valid (were deleted because they are under the deleted folder). In such case, the IItemUpdateReport object received by the event will have value for the previous state and the new-current state will be set to null. I tried to use the API IConfiguration.childEntries(java.util.List folderHandles, org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor monitor) on the previous state in order to get the list of files that folder contained before it was deleted. I received a [null] list.

Question: is there an API to receive the list of the files in a deleted folder ?


Geoff Alexander commented Mar 16 '20, 4:23 p.m.

Did you ever figure this out?

Gidi Gal commented Mar 17 '20, 8:11 a.m.
No. The files that I store are from an external application. This application stores the data files in a graph structure. If file A points to file B and file B is deleted - file A is modified accordingly by the external app.I have external listener to OS events on files. When file A is saved, my listener is triggered, file A is re-loaded and then I can see in the external app that file B was deleted. So, I don't send update from RTC when files are deleted, the external listener sends notification when their parent files are saved.

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