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How can we avoid recompiling all programs due to a macro change?

Mike Artobello (611) | asked Dec 04 '14, 12:44 p.m.
We have several common macros that are included in thousands of programs. z/OS dependency build causes all programs to be recompiled whenever these macros are changed, which can mean recompiling the entire product. We want to avoid this and ignore the macro dependencies.

Prior to RTC, we would identify the affected parts and manually edit them so they would be recompiled. We want the same functionality in RTC. Ignore the macro dependencies and let us manually decide which programs to recompile.

We tried setting but that completely ignored the macro change (i.e. the changes were not built) rather than just ignoring the files that depend on that macro. So, how can we flag macros so that changes are built but dependencies are ignored?

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Nicolas Dangeville (31632425) | answered Dec 08 '14, 3:16 p.m.
It looks like you want to perform a partial impact on the macros, and decide which programs to rebuild or not. 
If you never want the macro to force programs to rebuild, then is a good idea. As you've seen, a consequence is that none of these files will be built.

You can identify the programs using the macros by running an impact analysis query. From there, you can decide to modify the ones you want to rebuild, or you can add them to a subset. If you take the 2nd option, then the files won't be changed and you'll have to force a build on the subset.

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Mike Artobello (611) | answered Dec 09 '14, 9:20 a.m.
What we want is for to ignore dependencies for these macros, but still have them built and copied to our maclib so we can compile the modules we choose with the macro changes.

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