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Ask a question not found in PlainJavaAPI RTC 4.0.5

Martina Riedel (20323341) | asked Nov 25 '14, 12:29 p.m.
We have a java program that creates build definitions for us.
Our build definitions use Build Forge, i.e. they need/have a Build Forge tab.

We just upgraded our server to RTC 4.0.5 from RTC 3 and the existing program compiled against RTC 3 java libs works fine.

I just recompiled against RTC 4.0.5 Plain Java libs and I get a crash because
IBuildConfigurationElement bfelement = BuildConfigurationRegistry.getInstance().getBuildConfigurationElement(
does not find anything.
elementName is set to

So I guess I need to know the elementName for the BF tab.

I ran a
IBuildConfigurationElement[] elemList = BuildConfigurationRegistry.getInstance().getBuildConfigurationElements();
System.out.println("Elem list: " + Arrays.toString(elemList));
and there is no buildforge or forge at all in there.

So what am I missing or is something missing from the PlainJavaAPI?

Martina Riedel commented Nov 25 '14, 3:50 p.m.

ok, I found a partial answer in that I compared our API folder with the downloaded one and found 2 additional jars, and

So the question now is where did we get those jars from and are they BF version specific?

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Martina Riedel (20323341) | answered Nov 25 '14, 5:51 p.m.
ok, I found it.
the BF jars are in the Eclipse client
....\RTC405\jazz\client\eclipse\plugins\ and

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