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where to find the RTC icons?

Surender Biyyala (403048) | asked Nov 06 '14, 4:23 a.m.
Hi All,

As part of the requirement I created  few new workitem types and need to have the icons for that. so I just trying to find if I can reuse the icons from RTC.

Could some one please point me to the Icon factory of RTC where I can find some icons form custom use.


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Isabel Murakami (3811414) | answered Nov 06 '14, 6:41 a.m.
edited Nov 06 '14, 6:41 a.m.
 Hi Surender,

The easiest way is to find the location using your Browser.
For instance, using Firefox, access the page which contains the icon that you want to use. 
On the Firefox menu options, reach Tools -> Web Developers -> Inspect
Click on the Icon - Depends on the Firefox version, a frame can be presented with the image tag highlighted  on the bottom or it can only identify the element name, right-clicking you can reach a menu where you can open the source - you can get the location of the icon there. It may present a root path related with your Application Server, but it most likely will present a context root path with a java class, meaning that the image is inside a jar file.

For instance:
1. Inspecting the product backlog icon:
Inspect HTML Code
2. Image Source location:
<span class="icon" style="display: inline-block; background: url(&quot;/ccm/web/;) repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent; width: 32px; height: 45px;"/>

3. You can reach the image using this location:
https://<your server : your port>/ccm/web/


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