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Dw user is dispaying with internal id in data collection job window

Ashwath G (6623951) | asked Aug 29 '14, 3:38 a.m.

We have an issue with data collection jobs failure lats couple of days. Because the dw_user password expired.

When we reset the password and run the jobs ...all are successful.

And one thing we notified that in CCM application Data collection jobs we see the user id dw_user instead with internal id like 60c6c3....

But in all other places QM,JTS it is showing dw_user only.

Any body have come across this ...what could be the reason it diaplying the internal id.

If iu want to change it to dw_user it is giving error.

Kindly give us your idea to resolve this.

Thank you.


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Matthieu Leroux (6571614) | answered Aug 29 '14, 4:18 a.m.
Hello Ashwath,

It sounds like CCM ETLs are not configured with Form authentication but JTS authentication and therefore is using an oauth key and secret.
In the Data Warehouse Connection page in CCM, you should I would expect to see XDC authentication Type = JTS.
if you want to have use user id  instead of the key, you would need to switch to Form.

The type of authentication is set during the JTS setup, in the configure data warehouse page, you can specify a user to be used for the ETL, if you leave it blank, then the authentication is set to JTS, and a oauth key is used instead.
from the setup page: "Please use the form below to specify the user information for running the data collection jobs. If the user does not exist in the Jazz Repository it will be created and have the appropriate Client Access License applied. If you are using an LDAP or external user registry this will only create the contributor in the Repository, it will need to match a user defined in your registry. If left blank, the data collection jobs will use an automatically created OAuth Consumer named 'Jazz Reporting' with a Functional User ID of 'etl_user'."

this exists for all application, therefore you can have different authentication for different application.

I hope this helps

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