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RTC 4.0.1 with Build Forge not able to execute scm status command - return code 54

Donald Poulin (2249119107) | asked Jun 02 '14, 10:37 a.m.

I have a setup with RTC 4.01 and Build Forge and maven release plugin 2.4.1. I am setting up a release:prepare and also using the .JazzJBE adaptor. I can successfully execute the .JazzJBE and get a locally loaded sandbox on the build host which is windows. I can also execute an ant script on the build host that uses the jazz functions to alter the build results label, so I can communicate between the build host and the RTC repository.. When I execute the release:prepare I consistently get the error below.

[INFO] Verifying that there are no local modifications...

[INFO] ignoring changes on: **\, **\, **\pom.xml.releaseBackup, **\pom.xml.backup, **\pom.xml.branch, **\pom.xml.tag

[DEBUG] JazzScmProvider:makeProviderScmRepository

[DEBUG] Provided scm url -

[DEBUG] Provided delimiter - ':'

[DEBUG] Scheme - https

[DEBUG] Creating JazzScmProviderRepository with the following values:

[DEBUG] jazzUrl -

[DEBUG] username - null

[DEBUG] password - null

[DEBUG] hostname -

[DEBUG] port - 9443

[DEBUG] repositoryWorkspace - DPTESTECMDataCapBuildWorkspace

[DEBUG] Executing status command...

[INFO] Executing: cmd.exe /X /C "scm status --username csertcbuild01 --wide"


[DEBUG] Consumed line :Workspace: (----) "DPTESTECMDataCapBuildWorkspace" (This workspace is unreachable.)

[DEBUG] Consumed line : Could not determine the URI required to connect to the repository. The UUID of

[DEBUG] Consumed line : the repository is _X0HdQUVtEeK0UIhfnRAt5Q. If you know the repository URI run

[DEBUG] Consumed line : 'login' command providing the repository URI. If not, please contact your

[DEBUG] Consumed line : administrator.

The URI is correct that is displayed as is the workspace. I have tried passing in the username as "-Dusername=user1" but it alwasy show null for user and password.

Any suggestions on how to get it to work?

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Shashikant Padur (4.2k27) | answered Jun 02 '14, 10:59 p.m.
Did you recently move from 3.x client to 4.0.1 client? There was a change in how scm cli determines the repository url of the sandbox.
I am not sure how the BuildForge integration works but you can login to the repository manually and then re-run the script.
scm login -r -u username -c
The above command will prompt for the password and save the credentials.

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