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Rational Doors Next Generation: Updating Artifact Data Type imported from ReqIf

Pascal Bouchard (833) | asked May 22 '14, 8:41 a.m.
 I am currently involved in the migration of our Classic 9.5 database to DNG 4.0.4. I am using REQIF export-import as suggested by IBM on youtube. 

I am now facing the following issue: 

- Artifact data types imported from ReqIf are read-only ...I have just realized that imported attribute type has been converted into system attribute data type. They are read only.

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Donald Nong (14.4k313) | answered May 22 '14, 11:59 p.m.
Hi Pascal,
During ReqIF import, system-defined attributes and types will indeed be merged. Can you please be more specific on what attributes/types got "converted"? It will be helpful if you can post the exact content of the affected attributes/types in the ReqIF file.

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Pascal Bouchard (833) | answered May 23 '14, 10:28 a.m.
I have perfomed multiples ReqIF imports. I followed the Rational's guidelines that you are referring to.

I observed the following as described by IBM: for example, the ReqIF file that you I imported and the project area that I was importing to both contain a Priority attribute, the import creates another attribute that is named Priority2. This is fine.

The issue is the following: attributes and attribute data types are custom ones that I created myself in classic Doors 9.5. I have not imported system attributes such as CREATED ON or Date and Time. Some imported attributes are text only attributes and others are enumerations, Once the Reqif import is complete, DNG prevents me from modifying them and says that they are system attributes. Moreover, I cannot delete the extra PriorityX to clean up the database. 

Thus, I just looking for a way to allow edition and deletion again. This will save me much time.

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Donald Nong (14.4k313) | answered May 26 '14, 12:51 a.m.
Hi Pascal,

I did a test similar to yours and had no problems with removing the imported artifact/attribute/data types after importing the ReqIF file from DOORS 9.5. Since all these things are linked together, I had to remove them in the order: actual artifacts, artifact types, attribute types and data types. I did not see any custom types get converted into system types. Can you follow the steps below to check what types got converted unexpectedly?
1. In RRC, open the Manager Project Properties page.
2. Switch to the ReqIf tab.
3. In the list of ReqIF Definitions, highlight the entry that you imported earlier - you should see the something like "created on Mon May 26 ####".
4. In the main box on the right hand side, scroll down to the ReqIF Files section, choose the action "Show Report" for the ReqIF file.
5. Check the report and show which one gets the problem.
6. Find the corresponding XML presentation of the affect type(s) in the ReqIF file by searching the ReqIF ID.

I will show three typical entries of the data type import below, with the first one being a matching system type, the second a new type and the third a new type with renaming.

Data Type matches existing system type
ReqIF ID _21cd75b0-6771-4d80-a5fb-cce539dbad0c
URI https://<server>:<port>/rm/types/_XkvAIa2SEeOl9c5MTwnjBg
Successfully imported data type
Name Created Thru
ReqIF ID _ac92c635-a90e-4f0d-bf4b-1246b2b7f3e3
URI https://<server>:<port>/rm/types/__Y_wMeSMEeO4yv2z5FiQbA
Type already exists with same name: String; Renaming as String 2.
ReqIF ID _af28d03b-7432-499c-b0fb-42f2d8739756

The XML presentation of the "String" type is as follows.
                    <DATATYPE-DEFINITION-XHTML IDENTIFIER="_af28d03b-7432-499c-b0fb-42f2d8739756" LAST-CHANGE="2014-05-26T04:13:58" LONG-NAME="String">

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Pascal Bouchard (833) | answered May 26 '14, 1:29 p.m.

Thanks for you support. I am still wondering how to change the existing attribute data types from system ones to others because I am blocked now. My last ReqIF import failed for no evident reasons. I cannt import anymore...

1- Here is an example of the information I get while importing:
Attribute Definition matches existing system type
ReqIF ID _a8cfd007-7599-482d-8fb9-83e1de59e5e1
URI https://spqcrat01:9443/rm/types/_QKkJAdCOEeOpqL7-4Wz_gw

 2- I doublecheck the permissions and my user rights. I have rights to modify any data.

3- I tried to copy my project area properties to a new ones...Failed! The attrbute data types are still read-only. Some issue.

4- For your information, the database that we are using is SQL.

5. Sometimes I get the following error message:
The following resource in the repository cannot be found: https://spqcrat01:9443/rm/types/_QIEOodCOEeOpqL7-4Wz_gw
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Donald Nong commented May 26 '14, 7:51 p.m.

You showed a matching system type above. You cannot modify/delete this system type. That's for sure.

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Pascal Bouchard (833) | answered May 26 '14, 1:43 p.m.
 ID CRRRW7283E  The project that contains the resource might have been deleted or archived, or you might not be a member of the project. To locate and open a resource you must be a member of the project. Ensure that the project exists. Contact your administrator to make sure that you are a member of the project.

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