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Deliver to alternate stream

Norman Dignard (356680142) | asked May 08 '14, 11:32 a.m.

We have two streams 2.x and 3.x running in parrallel.  

3.x was seeded from some 2.x baseline.

Users have made additional changes in both streams.

User needs to deliver his 2.x changes to the 3.x stream. We've changed the flow target on his 2.x repo workspace to the 3.x stream and made it current.

In his pending changes view, he can now see both incoming and outbound changes flowing from/to 3x stream to his 2x repo workspace. 

In trying to deliver, it complains on a .jazzignore file and that we should accept incoming changes then deliver.

The problem with this is that we don't want the 3x changes in his 2x repo as 2x work is still underway and 3x changes should not be pushed into 2x.

So how can the user deliver 2x changes into 3x without accepting incoming 3x changes ??


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Tim Mok (6.6k38) | answered May 08 '14, 3:45 p.m.
If it's complaining about a file and you need to accept before delivering, you likely have a conflict with that file. What might make more sense is the developer use a workspace that is based off of your 3.x stream. This workspace would be used to accept the change from 2.x and resolve any conflicts. Then deliver the change to the 3.x stream.

The other option is to suspend the 2.x changes and accept the 3.x changes to resolve the conflict. Then deliver the change to the 3.x stream. When switching flow targets back to 2.x, you can discard the 3.x changes and the merge change set from resolving the conflict before resuming the 2.x changes.

Either way, you'll need a repository workspace with the 3.x changes to resolve the conflict.
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