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timebox view gone?

David Samuelsson (2161) | asked Oct 01 '07, 10:30 a.m.
i am using 0.6 M2 release.

working trough some of the tutorial and seems i don't have the timebox button in the iteration plan view. The screen shots clearly has it but not in my release.

It should be just next to the RSS icon but its not there! i promise! :-)

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Jean-Michel Lemieux (2.5k11) | answered Oct 01 '07, 7:37 p.m.
Yes it's gone. Replaced with My Work view and improvements in the plan editor.

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David Samuelsson (2161) | answered Oct 02 '07, 7:05 a.m.
ahhh :-(

i thought that was a good idea, to be able to distribute work and see it in real time the workload on certain individuals etc.

is it coming back? why was it removed?

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Dirk Baeumer (4811) | answered Oct 02 '07, 4:33 p.m.
Here the answer I gave in a different thread explaining why the view got


I will try to explain the reasons why we removed the timebox view and
what the replacement will be in the future. The reason for its removal are:

- it didn't really scale with lots of work items. Especially identifying
a work item in the time box view was very hard since only the first
characters of the summary got rendered
- the presented information wasn't accurate if the work items weren't
estimated since we used a default value for non estimated work items
- the feedback we got from self hosting is that users wanted to see
better information about if and how much a developer is overbooked.

And to clarify the time box view was always local to a plan meaning that
it only showed the work items for a certain iteration (the one of the
planning editor in focus)

The replacement story, although not fully in place yet will look like

- there is a new My Work view which allows individual developers to
define the order in which they are going to work on work items. There
can be work items which aren't sorted into that order yet which we
consider assigned to the milestone but not scheduled (available in M2).

- the iteration plan editor has a new group mode "Scheduled Time" which
shows the work items in the order in which the developer arranged them.
So the team lead as exactly the same view onto the work items as the
individual developer does (available in M2). This mode is basically the
replacement for the time box view since it list the work item on a timeline.

- in that group mode we will add a bucket overbooked which will contain
all work items which to the current scheduling and estimating will not
make it in this milestone (in M2 these work items have a warning
indication saying that they are scheduled behind the end of the
iteration). The team lead can then use the normal actions (context
menu, D&D) available in the iteration plan editor to assign the work
item to a different milestone or to a different owner.

- we will add additional status information to the contributor item in
the planned items page showing the following information:
o open, closed items
o number of unscheduled items
o number of unestimated items
o total amount of work of the estimated items
o total amount of left work hours until the end of the milestone
o an indication if the developer is overbooked or not (which
precision depends on the number of estimated items)

- resource planning to specify the following information:
o working hours
o out of office
o assignment to a team. We will support a dynamic assignment
theme to support development in main and maintenance branches
were the assignment is mostly like: first fix all bugs for
maintenance and then work on main bugs.

Hope that clarifies a little why we decided to remove the time box view
and what its replacement will be. We decided to remove the view although
the replacement wasn't fully in place do to code maintenance reasons.

I would like to get your feedback whether you think the new story will
help you with the use cases you saw supported with the old time box view.


typhoon wrote:
ahhh :-(

i thought that was a good idea, to be able to distribute work and see
it in real time the workload on certain individuals etc.

is it coming back? why was it removed?

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