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Continuously Running Stream of Bugfixes?

Craig Riecke (111) | asked Mar 23 '09, 11:11 a.m.
I'm in eval mode for RTC, so forgive any botched terminology.

We do all of our internal app development in one medium-sized web project (about 3,000 source files). It's important for us to be able to deploy high-priority bug fixes at any time during the day. After all, since the number of application customers is exactly one, why not?

So we would establish a bugfix stream - that's cool. What is the iteration plan in such a case? In commercial software, it's kosher to rollout bug fixes every couple of days or so on a fixed schedule. But what about our case. Is it one long iteration with builds as-needed? Or is it many tiny iterations that require a plan for each bugfix? Or something else?

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