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Fetch TER Result Owner Name in RPE-RQM report

Rajnikanth Srinivasan (1366) | asked Feb 24 '14, 5:41 a.m.
Right now , I am able to fetch User ID information for TER Result owner. Since our environment is LDAP configured , and User ID equals Email id..RPE prints the email id's of the TER owner. I would like to fetch the user names. I know the user names are stored in the 'Contributor' element, but not sure how to user it in RPE.

TER Result Owner Value from RPE

How do I use the contributor and query to fetch User Names ?

Appreciate your help

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Paul Slauenwhite (8.3k12) | answered Feb 24 '14, 9:44 a.m.
In RQM 4.0.3+, you can query the contributor feed using the contributor ID (see

<feedUrl>?fields=feed/entry/content/contributor[ userid=<user ID>]/*

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