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Getting minimum artifact information in seconds using iRAM API

iRAM Administrator (3152151135) | asked Jan 17 '14, 4:55 a.m.
We have implemented the features with Java iRAM API to view/create/delete versions on iRAM in our application.
It takes minutes to create a new version on iRAM and 20-30 seconds to load artifacts information.

Is there any workaround or alternative to improve the performance?
Can we just get the minimum artifact information (creation date, type, name, label, mime type, path and size) at a glance?

Like the Featured Content listed artifact in General Details page and it takes in just seconds?

warm regards,
Bhaskar N Das

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Lin Lu (3063) | answered Mar 05 '14, 9:10 p.m.
I am not sure about the problem you ran into.
There is some initialization works API need to do the first time someone set up a session. If may take some time to load the manifest file if that is your first job(about 2 min, it is the time period for me). In order to avoid the initialization over and over, it is recommeneded that keep only ONE session through whole process.  Once the initialization finished, it will not take that long.

As to you requirement. RAMAsset.getManifestAsString() could meet part of the requirement you need, through it could not give the info about creation date and artifact size. Pls feel free to open a wi for enhancement if you would like to.


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