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Why are moves of artifacts allowed when the artifact is locked?

Margaret Smith (21255) | asked Oct 22 '13, 7:44 p.m.
The DOORS NG documentation for 4.0.3 says that moves and linking of locked artifacts is not guarded when an artifact is locked. I can imagine a case where one user has an artifact open for editing and another user moves that artifact to another module. The first users releases the artifact, and it appears to disappear.

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Jianoula Papadakis Kantos (16535) | answered Nov 12 '13, 4:14 p.m.
Margaret, we tried this scenario with a colleague and what we saw is that...
1. IF you are working on a requirement x
2 then I move requirement x while you are working on it
3. you save.  When you save the requirement still looks as if it is in its original location in the module.
4. you press f5 to refresh.. Requirement x jumps to its new location but the module focus is still at the old location, making it seem like the requirement disappeared...

I will open an enhancement request to keep the focus of the selected requirement even if it moves.
- Enhancement 80920

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