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Connection between Jazz SCM and Jazz Workitems

Ankur Sharma (15194) | asked Feb 18 '09, 8:28 a.m.
We can define 'Releases' and 'Categories' for Jazz workitems in a ProjectArea and each workitem can be associated with a Release (Found In) & Category (Filed Against).
In Jazz SCM we have 'Streams' which we can have for each different release of a product and we have 'Components' in a stream which organizes the code in various groups.
Is there any way to define mapping between 'Releases' & 'Streams' ? Similarly between 'Categories' and 'Components' ? May be programmatically.
Basically I want to correlate workitems more tightly with SCM. Lets say, if we open a Defect workitem against some 'Release' and 'Category', it should give us idea about the code files where the changes will be needed. Similary when we are changing code in a 'Component' flowing to a 'Stream', we should be able to attach it to 'only' those workitems which are against specific (mapped) 'Category' and 'Release'.
Any thoughts over it or may be any other better way to relate Workitems and SCM.

- Ankur

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