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workitem type

megha mittal (15112615) | asked Dec 04 '08, 7:37 a.m.
I am coding for external repository manager.Can someone help to get work item type through code .


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Patrick Streule (4.9k21) | answered Dec 04 '08, 8:28 a.m.
I am coding for external repository manager.Can someone help to get
work item type through code .

You find the related methods in IWorkItemClient/IWorkItemCommon, e.g.

IWorkItemClient#findWorkItemTypes(projectArea, monitor)

Jazz Work Item Team

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megha mittal (15112615) | answered Dec 04 '08, 8:39 a.m.
Thanx for quick reply but i could see that my method i need is workItem.getWorkItemType(); and since my application is jazz server extension i couldnt get how to get reference for IWorkitem.

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John Vasta (2.6k15) | answered Dec 04 '08, 9:45 a.m.
What you want to do violates the intended use of an external repository manager in the Item Connector framework. An external repository manager is fed data that has already been transformed into the domain of the external system. The manager just has to apply the data. It should neither know nor care what the source of the data was. Synchronization rules define how the data is transformed between the external domain and the Jazz domain.

For example, here is how the mapping between work item types and CQ record types works for the CQ Connector. Let's say you have a work item type named "Defect". That will be one of the possible values for the "Type" property of a work item. In CQ, the corresponding field name is "record_type". Let's say that the CQ schema has a record type named "BugReport" that you want to connect to Defect work items. You would create a synchronization rule that says that "Type" maps to "record_type", and the value "Defect" maps to "BugReport". Then, when a Defect work item is synchronized out to CQ, the external repository manager will receive data for the CQ record that includes the property "record_type", with value "BugReport". Hence, it has no need to know what the work item type was.

Can you explain why you think you need to determine the work item type?

Jazz ClearQuest Connector Team

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