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Test connection takes long time from RTC 4.0.1 server to Rational Build Agent

Zeeshan Choudhry (6541612) | asked Apr 16 '13, 4:20 a.m.
In eclipse client when you test a connection to the Build agent, it was observed  that build agent servers were taking long time for the test connection to pass. 
The "Test Connection" took about 5-9 seconds in average, and 22 seconds in the worst case.

On a quick response build agent server the "Test Connection" only took 0.635 sec on average. 

What could cause this slow response for test connection? 

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Zeeshan Choudhry (6541612) | answered Apr 16 '13, 4:22 a.m.
 Check if you have some mapped drive which are not mapped correctly on the Build agent machine. If there are network drives mapped on the build agent machine and they are not resolved , this can contribute to the slow response from the build agent trying to resolve those in active mapped network drives. 

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