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How to turn a personal dashboard into the main project dashboard?

Mike Shkolnik (9807160143) | asked Mar 06 '13, 8:18 p.m.
I've created the perfect Project Dashboard. However, rather than doing this on the actual project dashboard, I did it on a personal dashboard. How do I now replace the existing Project Dashboard with my new Personal Dashboard (thus making it no longer a personal dashboard but instead the main project dashboard)?

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Guido Schneider (3.4k1385115) | answered Mar 07 '13, 3:33 a.m.

I think today this is not possible.

What I recommend, copy each TAB's from the Personal Dashboard to the Project Dashboard by using the Copy/Past of the individual Tabs.

This most be done in same browser tab, because the copy/past of a dashboard tab is not working over browser windos or tabs.

Because normaly you have only a few tabs in a dashboard, the effort is quite less.

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