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RTC import utility using CSV file (may be a Bug)

Raghu N (26156) | asked Feb 15 '13, 11:53 a.m.
edited Feb 15 '13, 11:54 a.m.

I have faced the issue while importing the data into RTC, imported data which is having Parent column and selected option create new work item in Import utility.

Issue observed:  
Parent linking was not happening for objects for the appropriate new work item ids got created  from 1st row to 99th row but it linked 100th row data to all parent ids as children . I have attached the screenshot.  links of children

I think it is a bug is there any comments on these.

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wolfgang steindl (2061011) | answered Feb 21 '13, 11:58 a.m.
edited Feb 21 '13, 12:00 p.m.
I tried to reproduce your scenario. But for me it works fine. Are you sure you have all required columns in the CSV file?

If you are not sure about columns and related names create a query that contains all the information you wanna import. Export csv and replace content. Then import data and it should wok fine.

Here is an example what I did and what worked fine.

Type,Id,Summary,Owned By,Status,Priority,Severity,,Parent,Children
Task,84,1Define Phase Plan,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,85,1Define the initial Product Backlog,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,86,1Define a new build,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,87,1Share code with Jazz Source Control,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,88,1Define phases,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,89,1Define categories and releases for work items,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,90,1Define team members,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,91,1Define permissions,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,92,1Cross Project Task 1,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,"#205
Task,93,1Cross Project Task 2,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,,
Task,205,1T1 neu,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,#92,
Task,206,1T2 neu,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,#92,

Raghu N commented Feb 21 '13, 12:06 p.m.


Thanks for trying the scenario. Here, you have mentioned Id column are you creating the new work items or updating the ids. Updating the Ids worked fine for me but creating new work items and linking those work items to the parent id didnt work.

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wolfgang steindl (2061011) | answered Feb 21 '13, 12:21 p.m.
I created new WI from my csv file. If you create new WI the ID itself is used to find the related parent for the children. I did a 2nd test with attached data. The interesting column is the last one (parent). Here you relate the children with the parent. Can ou give my data a try in a test environment?

Type,Id,Summary,Owned By,Status,Priority,Severity,,Parent
Task,1,11Define Phase Plan,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,2,11Define the initial Product Backlog,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,3,11Define a new build,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,4,11Share code with Jazz Source Control,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,5,11Define phases,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,6,11Define categories and releases for work items,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,7,11Define team members,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,8,11Define permissions,jazzy jazz,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,9,11Cross Project Task 1,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,10,11Cross Project Task 2,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,
Task,11,11T1 neu,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,#9
Task,12,11T2 neu,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,#9
Task,13,11c t2,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,#10
Task,14,11 c t3,Unassigned,New,Unassigned,Normal,,#10

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