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CRRT8500E: Server Error: Problems deregistering sandboxes

Martin Wassermann (13864144) | asked Jan 31 '13, 8:26 a.m.
edited Oct 10 '17, 4:48 p.m. by David Lafreniere (4.8k7)

We have sometimes the following problem with the VS Studio client

We have VS Studio 2010 with installed RTC Plugin (4.0.1). Sometimes, when we try to change the sandbox (right-click to another sandbox and choose the option set as current sandbox) we got the error message CRRT8500E: Server Error: Problems deregistering sandboxes. When we try to change the sandbox again, it works.

Unfortunately I didn't find the error message in the ccm log.

Is that a known problem or did anybody know why this happens? (e.g. lock of VS Studio)

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Martin Wassermann (13864144) | answered Aug 06 '13, 3:36 a.m.
Unfortunately this problem is not jet solved. There is a defect work item for that issue. At the moment it is planned for 4.0.5. (but it was already moved from 4.0.4 to 4.0.5)
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David Lafreniere commented Oct 10 '17, 4:48 p.m.

Note: This issue was fixed in RTC 4.0.5.

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Alexandre Carvalho Nobili (1) | answered Aug 02 '13, 6:29 p.m.
Hi Martin.
How are you.
Are you find the solution for this problem?
I have the same problem

Thank you.

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