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Jazz Reporting Service 7.0

Product Release / Trial | March 20, 2020
This is not the most recent version. We recommend Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.3 to take advantage of the latest enhancements, defect and security fixes. If you need to download Jazz Reporting Service 7.0 please contact Support.

Jazz Reporting Service New and Noteworthy

Jazz Reporting Service 7.0 New & Noteworthy

Jazz Reporting Service is an integral part of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution.

New in Jazz Reporting Service 7.0

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Reporting on link validity

Now, you can use the Report Builder guided interface to build reports about link validity.

Run Report Builder against the types from a user-specified set of Global Configurations

A report administrator can add a data source scoped by a global configuration that defines a consistent set of types. Users can then execute reports built upon this metamodel scoped to the types specific to the new data source.

Calculate custom column values from multiple attributes

You can now calculate a custom column value on more than one attribute. For example, you can add a column to show the number of days it took to resolve a work item from its creation date. Or you can add a column that combines the defect ID and title columns.

Folder enhancements: Drag and drop reports or folders and selecting all reports or folders

You can now drag and drop folders and reports from one location to another folder, in order to organize and move them with less effort. For folders that contain reports or other folders, you can now select all of the reports or folders in the parent folder.

Validate reports before generation

You can now validate existing reports before running them. If the artifact types and properties in a data source change over time, you can validate the reports associated with the data source. The validation determines if the artifact types and properties are still available.

You can easily see which reports might be using changed data types and, in turn, make corrections.

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