Linked Data Review Board


The Linked Data Review Board performs the following functions:
  • Establish Best Practices for the design and deployment of Linked Data technologies in Jazz products
  • Review RDF vocabularies and resource shapes that are used in Jazz products
  • Manage the URI space on that is allocated for RDF vocabularies
  • Maintain a registry of assigned RDF vocabulary URIs
  • Implement the web infrastructure for publishing approved Jazz RDF vocabularies
  • Participates in or liaises with standards bodies to ensure compatibility and coherency

Note that this board does not own the OSLC namespaces, and cannot authorize any changes to OSLC vocabularies or shapes; such changes must be addressed through the OASIS workgroups.


To register a new vocabulary or new shapes, update existing vocabularies or shapes, you must first request a review using a work item; you can use a work item in your own application's project area, or create one in the project area Jazz Reporting Service.

Attach the new or modified Turtle sources to the work item, together with a diff between the new sources and the most recently reviewed previous version. The source files must be in UNIX format with 0x0A ("\n") newlines, and not in Windows format with 0x0D 0x0A ("\r\n") newlines. Ask for a review from members of the Linked Data Review Board, listed under Contacts. The best way to do this is to create a review in the work item itself; the title of that review is not important. HTML and RDF/XML translations are not required for this review.

Once the work item has been approved, generate the HTML pages using the XSLT mentioned in Publishing RDF Vocabularies, or an equivalent. For updates to existing vocabularies or shapes, do not overwrite the existing wiki page referenced from, but stage your work on a different page. Notify the Linked Data Review Board that you are ready for updates to the redirects at


For vocabulary or shape work item reviews, or to request an update to the redirects, or to report a problem, contact:

Read Integrating external data sources with LQE and Report Builder to learn what is needed in resource representations to be compatible with the Report Builder.

RDF Vocabulary Registries

Refer to Publishing RDF Vocabularies for instructions on how to publish RDF vocabularies as wiki pages on

Approved Jazz RDF vocabularies are listed in the following registries:

  • - This is the registry for all new RDF vocabularies. It uses hash-style naming for vocabulary term.
  • - This is a legacy registry. It uses slash-style naming for vocabulary terms.

Copyright and License

All published RDF vocabularies must contain a copyright statement based on the following template (fill in Year1 and, optionally, Year2):
Licensed Materials (See  Property of IBM
 Copyright IBM Corporation Year1 [,Year2]. All Rights Reserved.
U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights: Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp. 

The usage of all published RDF vocabularies is subject to the terms and conditions defined in the Software License.

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