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Defines the vocabulary for validity elements.

Licensed Materials (See https://jazz.net/ns/license.html) - Property of IBM.
Copyright IBM Corporation 2015. All Rights Reserved.
U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights: Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

The namespace URI for this vocabulary is:


The vocabulary terms defined in the validity namespace.

Label: validity

This document lists the RDF classes, properties, and individuals that are defined by this vocabulary. Following W3C best practices, this vocabulary is available as HTML (this document) and as RDF source.

Details about how this document was generated, and other related material, can be found in the wiki article Publishing RDF Vocabularies on jazz.net.

Classes defined by this vocabulary(3):

LinkValidity, ValidityProfile, ValidityStatus

Properties defined by this vocabulary(5):

contentHash, profile, status, validateSourceHash, validateTargetHash

Individuals defined by this vocabulary(2):

Invalid, Valid


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#contentHash is an RDF property.

The hash of the contents of a resource.

Label: Content hash value

Type: rdf:Property


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#Invalid is an RDF individual.

Invalid status

Label: Invalid


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#LinkValidity is an RDF class.

Information about the validity of a link.

Label: Link Validity

Type: rdfs:Class


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#profile is an RDF property.

The profile under which the link validity has been established.

Label: Profile

Type: rdf:Property


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#status is an RDF property.

The validity status of the link (valid or invalid).

Label: Status

Type: rdf:Property


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#validateSourceHash is an RDF property.

The source hash of the link to be validated.

Label: validateSourceHash

Type: rdf:Property


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#validateTargetHash is an RDF property.

The target hash of the link to be validated.

Label: validateTargetHash

Type: rdf:Property


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#ValidityProfile is an RDF class.

A profile under which link validity may be established.

Label: Validity Profile

Type: rdfs:Class


http://jazz.net/ns/validity#ValidityStatus is an RDF class.

The validity status of a link (valid or invalid).

Label: Validity Status

Type: rdfs:Class

-- SebastienVeyriere - 2015-10-13

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