Integrating Rational Team Concert with Jenkins

Jenkins and Rational Team Concert

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool with plugins for continuous integration. Rational Team Concert (RTC) integrates with Jenkins in multiple ways. You can either use the predefined Hudson/Jenkins build template in your RTC build definition, or you can get Jenkins to work directly with RTC Source Control. If your team is using Git as an alternative source control provider via the RTC Git integration, then you can get Jenkins to work with that as well.

Supported build configurations 

You can use Team Concert Jenkins plug-in to configure your Jenkins jobs to use Rational Team Concert (RTC) source control and, optionally, report information back to RTC builds. 

Jenkins can work directly with RTC Source Control. You can configure Jenkins jobs to load sources from RTC streams, or repository workspaces or snapshots. In case of streams and repository workspaces, Jenkins job runs contain information about the components, change sets, and work items included in that build. An overview of the different build configurations supported by the Team Concert Jenkins plug-in has a detailed discussion around the various build configurations that are supported by Jenkins via the Team Concert Jenkins plug-in.

To link back to RTC builds or for Jenkins job runs to display in RTC work items, configure Jenkins to use an RTC build definition. Also, create a build engine in RTC of type Hudson/Jenkins and create build definition(s) that use the Hudson/Jenkins template and run on that engine.

Hudson/Jenkins Engine in RTC

For more information about how to create Hudson/Jenkins build engines and build definitions in RTC, see Integrating Rational Team Concert and Jenkins plugin.

Jenkins and the RTC Git Integration

Team Concert Git Plugin for Jenkins integrates RTC with Jenkins  jobs which use Git as a source control provider. This plugin creates traceability links from a Jenkins job run to RTC Work Items and build results.

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