Rational Team Concert and Rational ClearCase – Integration Cookbook

Note:This article is outdated and is replaced by Rational Team Concert and Rational ClearCase integration cookbook in the Deployment wiki. In the future, all deployment guidance and best practices will be published in the Deployment wiki rather than as Jazz.net articles.


This document provides guidance for deploying Rational Team Concert into an existing Rational ClearCase environment. Rational Team Concert provides various types of integration capabilities: the synchronizer, the importer, and the bridge. The goal of this document is to help you decide which integration capability best suits your current deployment or your future deployment plan. After reading this document, you will have a better understanding about the technologies that are available to you, as well as some of the deployment considerations.

The integration of Rational ClearCase and Rational Team Concert is not a one-size-fits-all integration. Each user can have a unique integration deployment. It is beyond the scope of this document to discuss every possible type; therefore, this document provides a variety of resources that gives you detailed information or videos on extended topics.

Rational ClearCase Bridge

Rational ClearCase

Lifecycle integration link
Planning Transparency
Work Item Build SCM
Jazz Team Server
Rational Team Concert

The Rational ClearCase Bridge provides a traceability link from Rational ClearCase artifacts to work items in Rational Team Concert. This is primarily for a customer who wants to continue to use Rational ClearCase as a source control system, but who also wants to  take advantage of other features of Rational Team Concert, such as agile planning, dashboards, and etc. You do not have to change your current usage of Rational ClearCase, but you can enhance your Rational ClearCase deployment by using Rational Team Concert in a complementary fashion.

Developers can associate UCM activities or base Rational ClearCase versions to Rational Team Concert’s work items. You can then navigate from one to the other in the developer IDE. Because a Rational Team Concert work item is used as the “glue” of all development lifecycle artifacts, it provides end-to-end traceability throughout the development life-cycle, from project planning to source code changes.

Quick Tours

Using Rational Team Concert 4.0 with Rational ClearTeam Explorer

This video demonstrates how Rational ClearCase users can take advantage of Rational Team Concert 4.0 while using Rational ClearTeam Explorer to manage their source-controlled artifacts with the ClearCase UCM.

Using Rational Team Concert with Rational ClearTeam Explorer

This video demonstrates how to use Rational Team Concert with Rational ClearTeam Explorer.

Using Rational ClearCase with Rational Team Concert 3.0

The video demonstrates how Rational ClearCase users can take advantage of the Build, Work Items, and Planning features in Rational Team Concert 3.0, while using Rational ClearCase to manage their source-controlled artifacts. In addition, this video demonstrates how to link Rational ClearCase artifacts to Rational Team Concert work items using the Rational ClearCase Bridge.

Getting Started

The ClearCase Bridge supports various client types, and the deployment step varies by the client.

Eclipse Client

The deployment of the ClearCase Bridge to the Eclipse client is straight-forward. There are no pre-configurations for administrators. The setup requires that you only need to install the Rational ClearCase Eclipse client (Rational ClearTeam Explorer, CCRC, or SCM Adapter) into the Rational Team Concert Eclipse client. The following articles provide step-by-step instructions of how to set them up:

In addition to the developer setup, administrators can configure UCM streams for integration and can enforce the linkage of UCM activities with work items. Refer to the “Cleartool Command-Line Client” section below for configuring a UCM stream. When you configure a UCM stream, the link enforcement is applicable to any client types.

Visual Studio Client

The ClearCase Bridge integration is now available to Visual Studio users. The minimum supported version is Rational ClearCase You first need to set up the Eclipse client integration and select the eclipse instance from the Visual Studio IDE options page. This technote provides step-by-step instruction:

Cleartool Command-Line Client

You can associate UCM activities or file versions to work items while you work cleartool commands. The administrator or the project lead needs to configure the UCM stream or the branch-type for integration, and developer’s makeactivity, checkout, or checkin operations associate Rational ClearCase artifacts with work items automatically. These technotes provide the setup instruction for administrators and also describes end-user new commands:

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You can also browse discussions on future releases. The Rational ClearCase Bridge enhancement items are tracked by ClearCase Bridge Open Stories and Enhancements.

Rational ClearCase Synchronizer and Importer

Rational ClearCase

Two-way synchronization or
one-way data migration
Planning Transparency
SCM Work Item Build
Jazz Team Server
Rational Team Concert

The Rational ClearCase Synchronizer is a two-way data replication between Rational ClearCase and Rational Team Concert source control. You can choose a UCM stream or a Rational ClearCase branch to set up synchronization with a stream of Rational Team Concert source control. It leverages the Jazz Team Build, and you can run the synchronization on a scheduled basis or by request. This provides flexibility to enterprise customers by allowing a subset of teams to choose SCM tools to work with, while letting you manage all of the latest source code through a single SCM repository.

The Rational ClearCase Importer is a one-way data replication from Rational ClearCase to Rational Team Concert source control. Like the synchronizer, you can choose a UCM stream where all baselines or only selected baselines are imported, or you can choose to import label types for base Rational ClearCase. It also leverages the Jazz Team Build, so you can run the import of new baselines/label types on a scheduled basis or by request.

Getting Started

It is important that an experienced administrator for both the Jazz SCM system and the Rational ClearCase system performs the setup tasks for the synchronization or the import. The following page will help a Rational ClearCase administrator to understand the Jazz SCM system:

A variety of documents are available to help you prepare the synchronizer or the importer deployment. Reading the following documents is recommended before beginning setup:

The following documents also provide step-by-step instruction to deploy the Rational ClearCase Synchronizer and Importer:

If you are interested in large-scale deployment and performance consideration, read the following documents. While this is not a benchmark, because the performance largely depends on both the Rational ClearCase deployment and the Rational Team Concert deployment, it gives you an idea of what to expect when using the synchronizer or the importer.

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