Using an OSLC consumer in Tivoli Service Request Manager

This page describes a usage or software configuration that may not be supported by IBM.


This integration provides access to an OSLC v2 Change provider from within the Tivoli Service Request Manager(TSRM) Application to provide in context support for operational and production tickets with direct traceable linkage to the underlying development effort.


The current integration provides a one-way OSLC style integration between the TSRM and a OSLC v2 Change provider, which means Rational Team Concert or Rational ClearQuest can be used interchangeably here. In this case, Tivoli is able to discover and consume the OSLC resources exposed by the RTC and CQ providers.

Currently supported scenarios:

  • Creating a new Change Request from TSRM
  • Associate to an existing Change Request from TSRM
  • Viewing the associated Change Request from TSRM

Demo Video showing the integration with RTC in action

Installation and Configuration Tasks

The offering is provides as an ISML for TSRM and can be downloaded using the links below from You must install the packages into TSRM to add this functionality as with other ISML packages. To configure the solution there is some standard Oauth setup required on the RTC/CQ side to prepare a trusted inbound consumer key (See the reference section for more information if you are not familiar with the process I have linked to both the CQ and RTC relavent documentation).


  • The solution is currently offered as-is, so it is not directly supported by either Rational or Tivoli.
  • This implementation is limited out of the box to working with the Problem ticket type, this integration can be enabled by manually adding the customizations to the other ticket type presentations. Your IBM Tivoli technical representative can provide you with assistance here if necessary.
  • TSRM is a consumer only and does not produce any OSLC interface so the integration is one-way only today. So while TSRM can see the rich hover information into RTC, from the RTC side this only appears

Getting more information

Today this offering is available to customers that have both TSRM and a valid OSLC v2 Change Provider with no additional cost. To find out more check out the downloads section below.

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