Workaround: Artifacts not shown following migration of IBM Rational RequisitePro project

Resolved: This issue has been fixed in version


If you migrate a project from IBM Rational RequisitePro and open the project immediately after the migration, the web client might hang and not show the project artifacts.

More Information

To improve the server performance, the project type system feed is cached. Sometimes, the feed is not refreshed to include all of the types that were created during the migration of a Rational RequisitePro project. As a result, the web client hangs and eventually causes the browser to display a message to stop the script.


  1. After the stop-script message is displayed, click Stop the Script and go to the web client home page; for example,
  2. In the project list on the dashboard, place your cursor on the project that was migrated from Rational RequisitePro, and copy the project URL.
  3. Explicitly refresh the type system feed for the project by opening the following URL:
    where myrrcserver:9443 is your server name and port name.

The XML of the refreshed type system feed of the project is displayed. The project is ready to open without problems.

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