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Automatic version change of test plan in RQM

Sany Maamari (13243651) | asked Dec 19 '12, 5:23 a.m.
 Hello all, 
I don't know if this is taken care of in RQM or if it is an RFE. 

Here is the deal. 
Let's create a Test Plan called "Parent Test Plan 1.0" for example Edition 1.0. Let's add in this Test plan a child Test plan called "Child Test Plan 1.0" with the same version (1.0). 

Suppose we would like to keep a copy of the test plan "Parent Test Plan 1.0" and create a new one from this one for the edition 1.1 for example. The new parent Test Plan is called "Copy of Parent Test Plan 1.0" with Edition 1.0.

What RQM do, which is great is create a copy of this test plan and all the child Test Plans. For example we will also have a copy of "Child Test Plan 1.0". 
Know I take "Copy of Parent Test Plan 1.0" with Edition 1.0 and change it to "Parent Test Plan 1.1" with Edition 1.1.

When doing this, could RQM automatically change all the edition of the child test plan. In this case "Copy of Child Test Plan 1.0" would automatically have the Edition 1.1.
Is this already taken care of in RQM, if not, would it be useful as an RFE ? 


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Paul Slauenwhite (8.4k12) | answered Dec 19 '12, 9:44 a.m.
 Sany, this is not currently supported.  You could open a new enhancement or see:

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