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Custom Tab Layout

Ana Giordano (1617) | asked Oct 29 '08, 9:42 p.m.
Is it possible to create a new Tab layout? If so, how?
I know that are some flexibility in resizing the out-of-box layouts coming up in 1.0.1 (, but I would like to be able to create additional custom ones. An example would be a layout with a single section.

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Marcel Bihr, Jazz Work Item team (1.4k) | answered Oct 30 '08, 5:33 a.m.
Currently it is not possible to create tab layouts. The available layouts can however be used for many situations. A layout with a single section is for example the builtInApprovalsLayout.
The two most flexible layouts are builtInCustomAttributesLayout and buildInLinksLayout. You can leave slots empty or configure more than one section into a slot to get a variety of tab layouts.
Some more info about the available layouts can be found on


Jazz Work Item team

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