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Is it possible to restrict changeset delivery to one stream per workitem?

G Moehler (11244) | asked Nov 30 '12, 11:32 a.m.
I would like to set up a process in which a work item (defect) relates only to one stream. The stream (or to be more precise: the iteration related to the stream) is set in the "planned for" field.
The reason for the restriction is that, in my view, a defect can only be verified in the context of one release/stream.

Now, the question is: can i restrict delivery of a changeset to multiple streams?
In other words: it should not be possible to relate a changeset to a work item that already has changesets in other streams.

Is that possible?

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Atul Kumar (1872329) | answered Jun 16 '14, 8:35 a.m.
Probably you can do this by writing a precondition on changeset delivery.

In the precondition code, you can get to know the change-set details, which you can search in your stream, and then disallow the delivery.

This might help you getting started on writing the precondition:

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