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Calling the RTC Java API from a servlet

Mark Howell (1143) | asked Nov 13 '12, 7:20 a.m.
i am using the ZK framework to perform some actions in RTC, namely allow certain users to manage a core set of users on several team areas within a single project. What I am trying to do it:
- log the requesting user on using TeamPlatform.startup(), login() as per the code snippets. This will validate their RTC logon (and i dont have to re-write a login checker)
- if they login OK, i then create a second login object for a JazzAdmin user to check they have a pre-defined RTC role (which we use to see whether we want them to do this or not).
- If this is ok, then perform the operation

I am facing two issues:
- I dont really know how TeamPlatform is supposed to work when using multiple JSP style sessions. I am getting "Already Stopped" exceptions for the TeamPlatform. This manifests itself the second time of calling
- Maybe related to the above but when I test for a user who does not have the role and it works as expected, then i give the role to the user but my code doesnt pickup the fact they have the new role, its a server restart (which isnt going to fly!)

i have seen a few threads on this, adted about a year ago but nothing since. I would like some advice on how to use TeamPlatform within a JSP context, i am beginning to think this is a non starter

Albert Yao commented Jul 05 '21, 6:25 a.m.
I found these:

But I still encountered the same problem, though my RTC version is 6.0.3 :
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Already stopped

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