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Calling third party REST service from JAZZ ServiceRequest

Chathura Herath (16) | asked Jul 23 '07, 12:59 p.m.
I am trying to call my own REST service running outside of JAZZ container and i tried to call it using the ServiceRequest based API. But the framework assumes the EPR that i pass in is a relative path to the REST service. So even though i give my absolute EPR it prepends the JAZZ service location and tries to find it in its service repository and fail. Following EPR that is generated by JAZZ explains the situation.

/jazz/secure/service/http://<myip>:<myport>/<myServiceRelative path>

Here is the question. Is there a way that i could use JAZZ APIs to contact a third party REST service.


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Scott Rich (57136) | answered Jul 23 '07, 1:45 p.m.
The current incarnation of the Jazz Service framework isn't suitable to calling third-party services, it's got baked-in awareness of the Jazz server architecture and assumes you're calling one of our services.

You're welcome to use the Appache http client which we build on to make your service call, and an enhancement request for opening up the ServiceRequest capability would be a good thing to have in the queue.

Scott Rich

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