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How do I disconnect RTC server from external user repository for authentication?

Michael Whitner (5611010) | asked Jul 25 '12, 6:06 p.m.
I have a standalone Jazz Team Server installed on a Windows laptop as a test bed for upgrading process configurations.  I imported a few thousand work items and as a result their associated users were created in my instance.  However, these users cannot log in because they came from a server that used blue groups to authenticate the users and I have no connection to the blue group.  When I create a new user that user also has its authentication associated to this same unreachable blue group.

I want to allow other users access to my RTC instance so they can validate the project with the new process configuration but, no one can log in because they cannot be authenticated to the blue group.

Is there a way to remove the blue group authentication from my RTC instance so my users are authenticated within my RTC instance?

Christophe Elek commented Jul 25 '12, 6:13 p.m.

Can you help me understand a bit more ? 1) when you log in this jazz team server, what userid/password do you use ? is that tomcat ? 2) when you say "they came from a server that used blue groups to authenticate the users " what do you mean ? the userid in the database ?

Remember the authentication is managed by the appserver, so what we need to do is create user in the userregistry of you app server (tomcat ?) with the same userid as the user in the database (i.e, then give them a password in tomcat-user.xml that should do it

Michael Whitner commented Jul 25 '12, 6:40 p.m.

Thank you for you response!

I am able to log into the JTS using the account I created when I first configured the server (before importing the work items from another server).

My JTS is using tomcat as the underlying web server.

I exported work items from a JTS server inside of IBM that uses a blue group for user authentication. After importing the work items I now have the same users in my local JTS that were on the IBM JTS. My standalone JTS now wants to authenticate these users using an external directory service.

"Problem fetching user roles: An error response was received from the Jazz Team Server. Status=400. Message: CRJAZ1231I The user "<username>" could not be found in the external user directory.ID CRJAZ1527E

I'm familiar with the tomcat-users.xml but, unfamiliar with the mechanics of creating a password that I can insert in the user's entry.

<user username="testuser" password="45c571a156ddcef41351a713bcddee5ba7e95460" fullname="Test User" roles="JazzUsers"/>

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