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CC Import issues

Steve Briand (411717) | asked Jul 19 '12, 6:36 p.m.
 We are experiencing an issue importing where there are directories that contain files with names that are the same except for the case. For example, Foo.c and foo.c in the same directory. The synchronizer is attempting to fine a version to import, but on the wrong element and it throws an exception. We are assuming this is due to the fact that we are running the import on a Windows machine. Our solution is to stand up a Linux machine for importing. I have two questions.

1. Is this expected behavior or are we doing something wrong?

2. Our import of a label in a VOB containing 4200 elements has taken 47+ hours and still going. Is this unusual and is there anything we can do to speed up the process?

Our import machines have 4 processors, 8 GB of memory and plenty of free disk space.

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k23035) | answered Jul 19 '12, 11:11 p.m.
1. I would think that it would be enough to go to the Administration tab of the ClearCase Control Panel on your ClearCase Sync Host machine, and uncheck the Case Insensitive MVFS check box (you'll then have to reboot the ClearCase Sync Host machine, for that change to take effect).  If that doesn't work, please let us know, and we can have the CC Sync dev team investigate.  Having a Linux machine be the Sync Host would also work, because that box is unchecked by default on a Unix machine.
2. That is very unusual.  An import of 4200 elements is expected to take an hour or so.  Please submit a trouble ticket with Rational Support so they can help you investigate what's happening in your environment. 

Steve Briand commented Jul 19 '12, 11:25 p.m.

My mistake, I missed a zero when submitting the post, it should have been 42000 element, but unfortunately it encountered an error accessing a ClearCase element and stopped.

Geoffrey Clemm commented Jul 20 '12, 12:34 a.m.

Just to verify, have you upgraded to at least 3.0.1 ? With another zero, you now are in a range where you would need the performance improvements provided by 3.0.1. But if you are at 3.0.1, a 42,000 file import should not be a problem (we test for at least 200,000). And your expected import time is 10-20 hours, so 42 hours (and not finishing) is not expected. Also note that if you are using 3.0.1 or later,after you fix the ClearCase access error issue, and request the import again, it should start up pretty much where it left off (it might redo up to about 1000 elements, but that's a lot better than redoing 42,000 elements!). So assuming that you are at least at 3.0.1, you'll want to work with Rational Support to see what's going on.

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