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Getting IFileContent for > 32kb files?

Adrian Abraham (111) | asked Jul 02 '12, 10:29 a.m.
I'm trying to modify files in RTC, but I'm having trouble getting the IFileContent. I'm trying to get it as follows:

    final FileInputStream stream = ...;

    AbstractVersionedContentManagerInputStreamProvider streamProvider = new AbstractVersionedContentManagerInputStreamProvider() {
      public void dispose() throws IOException, TeamRepositoryException {}

      public InputStream getInputStream(int i) throws IOException, TeamRepositoryException { return stream; }

      public InputStream wrapInputStream(InputStream in) throws IOException, TeamRepositoryException { return in; }

    IFileContentManager fileContentManager = FileSystemCore.getContentManager(repo);
    IFileContent content =  fileContentManager.storeContent(
        encoding, // I've tried "UTF-8" and null
        delimiter,  // I've tried both PLATFORM and NONE

This works fine if the file is less than 32k. Above 32k, I get the following: CRJAZ0099I When accessing the URL "https://MYSERVER:9443/ccm/service/" the following HTTP error occurred: "Bad file descriptor"
Caused by: Bad file descriptor
    at Method)

What do I need to do to upload big files?

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Adrian Abraham (111) | answered Jul 02 '12, 4:01 p.m.
After a lot more poking at it, I've found that the following steps occur:
1) storeContent calls AVCMISP.getInputStream(1)
2) storeContent creates a byte array and reads the stream into it
2a) If the stream fits (< 32k), the byte array is wrapped in a stream and passed to AVCMISP.wrapInputStream(), and life is good
2b) If the stream doesn't fit, it's closed.
3b) AVCMISPgetInputStream(2) is called, passed to AVCMISP.wrapInputStream, and read from.

I was receiving "Bad file descriptor" because my getInputStream(2) returned the already-closed stream, and it was trying to read from it. Now, I'm opening 2 copies of the stream and I've rigged up getInputStream to return the different copies. It's really ugly, but everything seems to be working fine.

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