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What's this "IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery"?

Jirong Hu (1.5k9290258) | asked Jun 13 '12, 11:15 a.m.
edited Oct 18 '12, 1:02 p.m. by Seth Packham (1.4k42213) 

I can understand what's continuous delivery, delivery pipeline, etc. although I haven't seen a concrete/perfect solution from IBM, but what's this SmartCloud going to do with us? Let's go to use IBM's cloud infrastructure for all this?

Has anyone implemented the solution mentioned in this video, using Rational Asset Manager and Tivoli to store deployment units?

I have used Rational tools for years, I am facing the following unclear to implement a Continuous Delivery solution using all Rational tools.

1. Direct support for continuous/incremental build on an active development line.
2. Direct support to do a nightly/release build based on the latest successful continuous build.
3. Binary dependency management and storage.
4. Automated deployment from the binary storage.

I want all these functionalities seamlessly integrated so I don't have to write tons of script to integrate each piece. Just too much work to write this adaptor, that plugin. 


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Michael Elder (611) | answered Jun 18 '12, 9:31 a.m.
Hi Jirong, 

       SmartCloud Continuous Delivery is a planned offering to support the organizations who want to apply DevOps. SCCD leverages several existing technologies including Rational Team Concert and Rational Asset Manager and will support various cloud platforms including SmartCloud Provisioning (private cloud, software form factor), IBM Workload Deployer (private cloud, appliance form factor) and PureApplication Systems (private cloud, expert integrated system).  

We have a managed beta program which has recently begun. You can reach out to to get involved in the beta. 

We have also started a blog on developerWorks to provide insights to our thoughts on DevOps and collect feedback from the community at large: 

The video represents the state of the art from about 2 years ago. It leverages Tivoli products for discovery, linked with Rational Software Architect for design. Those designs are then transformed into viable workflows using Rational automation products like Rational Build Forge and Rational Automation Framework. The workflows pull binaries from Rational Asset Manager for deployment. The general term for this solution was "Deployment Planning & Automation" or DP&A. 

Our efforts around DevOps leverage aspects of DP&A, but are focused more on continuous integration and continuous delivery to ensure continuous feedback. 

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Seth Packham (1.4k42213) | answered Aug 31 '12, 1:58 p.m.
Just today we added a new project onto

Check out the IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery project page, which has a cool intro video, and read the announcement blog post by Dan Berg: "A new project at IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery".

Kirk Vogen commented Dec 19 '12, 11:23 a.m.

Does this support the deployment pipeline (i.e. build pipeline) concept of being able to break up your build into stages?

With this product can Jazz Build Engine builds be connected together somehow to the SmartCloud Continuous Delivery build that does the actual deployment?

Does IBM have any documentation comparing features between SmartCloud Continuous Delivery and other continuous delivery products (e.g. ThoughtWorks Go, Atlassian Bambo)?

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