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Under my Plan Details, why does the top Progress bar show "Complexity Attribute Not Defined"?

Michael Prentice (622913) | asked Jun 04 '12, 5:05 p.m.

Using RTC with the Formal Project Management Template.

I am looking at a Plan page. The Plan Details are expanded and there is are 2 Progress bars. The bottom one has Progress: 24/112 | -16 h, Estimated: 100%, and the bar is properly filled in with red and green. The top bar has Progress: 0/0, Estimated: 100%, and the bar has no color and says 'Complexity Attribute Not Defined'. The bar's tooltip says the following:

"Missing Configuration
Complexity Attribute is not defined. Open the Project Area editor, select the Process Configuration tab, and navigate to Project Configuration > Iteration Plan > Work Item Complexity Attribute to select a work item attribute which stands for complexity."

When I open the Project Area editor, there is no Process Configuration tab, only a Process Description tab. It does not have a Project Configuration setting nor does any other tab in the Project Area editor.

Is this Complexity Attribute only enabled for SCRUM projects?

If so, then why is there a bar in my Formal Project Management project that shows this error message?

If not, then how do I fix configure my project area so that this message goes away and the bar displays some helpful information?

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Sharoon Shetty Kuriyala (55133) | answered Jun 04 '12, 6:36 p.m.

RTC Planning categorizes work items into plan items and execution items. The two progress bars you see are one for the execution items which typically is estimated in hours and for the plan items which in the Agile process are coarse grained and use attributes such as a story point. This is defined as the complexity attribute in templates following Agile process such as Scrum. However by default there is no complexity attribute configured in the Formal Project Management template as a result we do not see any information in this bar. The following work item tracks this issue:

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