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How community admin can reject As-is asset?

iRAM Administrator (3152146135) | asked Dec 07 '11, 11:45 a.m.
One asset submitted As-Is is passing through legacy review process. The community admin wants to reject that asset. But he is getting only the "Provide As-Is" option in the Actions drop-down.
Please help us in knowing that how he can achieve the task of rejecting that asset.


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Rich Kulp (3.6k38) | answered Dec 07 '11, 3:23 p.m.
Not sure what you mean. If you see "Provide as-is" then it is already in
draft state. If it is in draft state then it is not in ASIS. Reject
means move BACK to draft. But since it is already draft it can't be
further rejected. The only other thing the administrator can do is
actually delete the asset. That would be a final non-recoverable rejection.

What state does it say it is in?

Rich Kulp
Rational Asset Manager developer

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Rich Kulp (3.6k38) | answered Dec 07 '11, 3:53 p.m.
I can now see one possible thing you are thinking of when you say reject.

Currently it can only be left in the draft state or moved to AsIs. There
is no way to go back through and make it submit for approval. Once it
get's into "requesting as-is" then the only thing that can be done is
move it to as-is or leave it where it is.

Since this is a legacy reviews enhancement we won't be making
enhancements for this. But there is something you can do. The
administrator can move to AsIs and then immediately do a revert to
draft. This will restart the process and allow it to be resubmitted
through the normal approval process.

Rich Kulp
Rational Asset Manager developer

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