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How to show logon statistics?

Gary Dang (59328350) | asked Jul 10 '08, 2:33 a.m.
Server administrators sometimes need to know how many users are being connected to the Jazz server (for users of all project areas and all team areas, if the data cannot be separated project by project or team by team). ClearQuest web has such a feature. Does RTC provide a similar function? Thanks.

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Ritchie Schacher - IBM (47611) | answered Jul 10 '08, 8:21 a.m.
Hi Gary,

At this time we are not recording or counting the last login time of users or who has logged in recently. This would be a useful enhancement - we've discussed something similar in work item

Feel free to elaborate on your use cases in that work item.

You can use the administrative web UI however to track which users have been granted client licenses.

Ritchie Schacher
Jazz Server Development

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