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Can't edit custom work items in query editor/preview

Laura Hammond (2175) | asked Sep 23 '11, 1:20 p.m.
I have created a few custom work item types within RTC and have set up all of the editor presentation bindings (work item editor, inline work item editor, lightweight work item creator dialog and plan editor preview) following a similar format to the out of the box work item types. I can view the custom work items perfectly inline in the plan view, work item view etc. However I can't seem to figure out where to set up the query editor/preview. When I pull up my custom work items in a query and try to hit the edit pencil at the end of any row in the result set, a blank bubble pops up. For the standard WI types (ie. defect, plan item etc) the regular preview/editor pops up correctly.

Can someone please let me know where the query editor/preview presentation should be defined/set up?

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