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RSA 8.0.3 and RTC 3.0.1 client for eclipse 64 bits support?

Ton van Velzen (2642) | asked Sep 03 '11, 5:28 a.m.
Am I right that with RSA 8.0.3 64 bits installed I cannot install RTC 3.0.1 eclipse client in the same package group, i.e. can I not have RTC and RSA in one single eclipse shell when RSA is the 64 bits version ? Is there only a 32 bits RTC eclipse client ?

If so, when can we expect RTC eclipse client to become available as 64 bits?
For RSA (and RAD) it makes a big difference to run the 64 bits versions.


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Adil Chahid (45524018) | answered Sep 22 '11, 4:20 p.m.
hi all,

We ran into the same thing here!

RTC 3.0.1 is advertized to support Windows x86 32/64 bits but it does not seem to be yet supported when injected in a 64 bits Eclipse based IDE such as RAD 8.0.3.
By reading this work Item it seems that this going to be supported in version (scheduled for the end of September 2011)

Take care all!

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Sergio Deras (14613) | answered Sep 22 '11, 5:36 p.m.

This is right, we are going to introduce the Rational Team Concert - Extension Offering, created with the purpose to be installed over products like RAD and RSA that support 64-bits.

We have just released RTC iFix 7, if you require this version and you need to install RTC functionality over 64-bits offerings you can find the Rational Team Concert - Extension Offering too, check the steps in the Release Notes:


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stefano antoniazzi (168711) | answered Jun 27 '12, 6:22 a.m.
We did it. And we did it following the link from ifix 8 ( ) but still we get a compatibility message error:
client and Server versions do not match
Client Version: iFix7 (why? it should be iFix8...)
Server Version: iFix4 (why? we are version ifix 6...)

Maybe that extension was written on ifix7 (..client N-1 compatibility regression..) and never updated for iFix 7a or ifix 8 ?

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