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Jazz API?

Van Taylor (11) | asked Jun 11 '08, 4:59 a.m.
I'm new to extending Jazz and I would like to know where I can find Jazz API documentation concerning Requesting Builds and Build Definitions.

One Thousand Thanks,

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Ryan Manwiller (1.3k1) | answered Jun 11 '08, 4:43 p.m.
Hi Van,

If you are interested in writing java code, there is javadoc for the build
APIs. If you have downloaded the RTC source zip, you should be able to see
the javadoc.

For requesting builds, see ITeamBuildRequestClient.requestBuild(...)

See also ITeamBuildClient.

You can also do quite a lot with the buildtoolkit ant tasks (requesting
builds, etc), without writing any java code.

If you explain more what you are trying to do, I can provide more guidance.

Ryan Manwiller
Jazz Team Build

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