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Is a process template able to include some work items?

Jeff Wu (676) | asked Jun 13 '11, 9:08 a.m.
I want to make a template containing some pre-defined work items, like task, story, etc. Then when user create a new project area by this template, the new project already has these tasks, stories created inside. Please let me know this is feasible?

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Qiong Feng Huang (76911610) | answered Jun 13 '11, 11:29 p.m.
You can create pre-defined workitems by customize Project Area
1. Open your template.
2. In Configuration section of Process Configuration tab, click Project
Area Initialization under Project Configuration node.
3. Add "Setup Project" in Server follow-up actions list. (It might be
added already.)
4. In Setup Project editor, you should find Work Item Template section,
in this section, you can add pre-defined work items.

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Christophe Lucas (86224948) | answered Jun 14 '11, 7:00 a.m.
To make a new Process Template (with your customized work item types and process config):
1) Right-click your 'Project Area' and 'Extract Process Template'
2) In the 'Process Templates' view, right-click newly created Process Template and 'Export' to a .zip file - which you can then 'Import' into other RTC instances
To create a new Project Area based on new Process Template
3) In the 'New Project Area' dialog - 2nd step -, the newly created 'Process Template' will be available

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