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[closed] Reconcile externally modified libraries with iProject

Arne Bister (2.6k12832) | asked Apr 27 '11, 9:28 a.m.
edited Jun 23 '12, 5:36 p.m.
Assuming a Library CUSTLIB was originally seeded from Baseline 1.0 of an RTC component containing an iProject. Meanwhile, some sources were directly modified in CUSTLIB. The brandnew baseline 2.0 of the component is now available. What is a good process to merge the manually modified sources (customizations) with the new source versions from RTC prior to deploy?

My current plan of action comprises these steps:
1 - Create an RTC stream Cust_Merge_Stream and deliver component baseline 1.0 into it
2 - Load iProject from this stream into repository workspace called WS_1.0
3 - Copy sources from CUSTLIB into iProject in Eclipse: new / modified sources are marked as changed and become part of a change set
4 - Flow changes to Cust_Merge_Stream
5 - Create and load another repository workspace called WS_2.0 flowing with Main_Dev_Stream, which contains component baseline 2.0 of the iProject
6 - Add Cust_Merge_Stream as flow target to WS_2.0
7 - Reconcile / merge changes: result is baseline 2.0 + customer modifications
8 - Deliver to Main_Dev_Stream, create baseline 2.0.1
8 - Use Continuous Load build or direct push from iProject to bring sources belonging to baseline 2.0.1 into CUSTLIB library

Two questions remain:

a) How can you automate step 3? A continuous load build would overwrite library contents with the iProject. What automatism could do the exact reverse: update the iProject with what is different in the Library?
b) How can we deal with changes not directly in sources, but in modules and programs? Would the Build Audit report be a good approach?

The question has been closed for the following reason: "With sparse loading and compare stream / iProject to Lib, this functionality is now given in RDP." by abister Jun 19 '12, 3:26 a.m.