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Israel Lazar (4599) | asked Mar 22 '11, 9:12 a.m.
I have Customer that used RTC 3.0 on VS 2010

He had One Project called G_Project with one Component called G_Comp with one Stream called G_Stream ,

He developed and create Baseline called REL 2 ,He Released is Product in REL 2 .

Then he continue to developed, he is now in BL REL 17 at G_Comp,

Is Customers found Work Item type Defect in this Baseline REL 2 , the asked him to solved this WI defect ,

Now what he had to do?

My Solution is:

I will Open New Repository Workspace Called Maintenance RW and i will take G_coMp with REL 2,

But now i have problem were to Deliver the Stream Is on REL17 ?

So if i will Deliver this resolved defect it will Run over on files that changed in REL 17,

My suggestion that in first place i will create Maintenance Stream Called M_Stream that i will deliver this resolved ,

I need to deliver this resolved Defect to REL 2 and to REL 17

Without run over the Code, how i can deliver twice 1. deliver to REL 2 2. Deliver to REL 17 ?

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Michael Valenta (3.7k3) | answered Mar 23 '11, 5:29 a.m.
Typically, what we do in this case is associate the change set with a work item. Once the change set has been delivered to the previous release stream, we switch workspaces to one that is based off of the current stream and accept the change set into that workspace. Typically there will be conflicts to resolve but, once they are resolved, the change set can be delivered to the current development stream (along with any merges).

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