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Adding custom reports in project area dashboar viewlet

Milan Krivic (98011173140) | asked Dec 21 '10, 4:51 a.m.

Is there a possibility to add custom built report in Dashboard Viewlet except predefined reports?


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Cesar Sasaki (511286127) | answered Dec 21 '10, 10:09 a.m.
Hi Milan :
You will have to do this :


* In the rich client, open the Project Area editor for the project you want to add the report to
* Open the Process Configuration ab
* Select Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Dashboards > Viewlet Chooser Entries
* Select "Reports" (and any sub-folder you want) and select Add viewlet-entry.
* For Identifier, hit browse and select Trend Report (id is
* Supply a title.
* Switch to the Preferences page
* For Report ID, supply the report id of the micro template (e.g. workitems.MicroBurndown)
* For Parent report ID, optionally supply the report id of the full template to use for drill-in (e.g. workitems.Burndown). Not mandatory.
* Query is marked mandatory but really isn't. Just ignore it.
* Save the project.
* No restart of the server required. Go to a dashboard in that project and add the viewlet.


* The existing common report viewlet definition must be used
* Preview images cannot be specified
* Process viewlet entries will only show up in the Chooser when the associated project
area is selected in the server drop menu selector. The entry will not show up for any other project selected
* The associated BIRT micro report template must already be uploaded to the server

Thanks Mr. J. Moddy for the answer.

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