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No Project for Jazz CQ Connection in CQ Connector

Cesar Sasaki (511285124) | asked Dec 15 '10, 9:05 a.m.
Hi Everyone!

Iam having some trouble configuring my CQ Connector, i have made the complete configure in my PC and in the last page (the status page ,after you do the reset) it shows something like :

Jazz Team Servers:
URI: https://CESASAKI:9443/jazz
Status: OK

No Jazz CQ Connection enabled project areas were found
URI: https://localhost:9443/jazz
Status: OK

Project Area: CQ Connector Tutorial
No records will be synced to this project area because it does not appear as a folder in the CQ workspace under the Public Queries/CQ Connector Querys folder

Project Area: Demo TF Interbank

* Defect - all
* Request - all
* Requirement - all
* attachments - all


But now i installed it on an actual server and i got this :

Servidores de Jazz Team:
Estado: Desconocido
Estado: Desconocido
Estado: VLIDO

No se han encontrado reas de proyecto habilitadas para la conexin de Jazz CQ


Sorry its in spanish but i dont think thats the problem right?.
Could some please tellme where iam getting an error? or in what step iam doing something wrong!

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Lorelei Ngooi (1.5k22) | answered Dec 16 '10, 2:23 p.m.
Thanks for letting us know that this was resolved and how it was resolved.

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Cesar Sasaki (511285124) | answered Dec 16 '10, 12:07 p.m.
One of the problems i had was that my cqconnector user in CQ didnt have the permissions to write in that folder. I give permissions to the user and then the problem was fixed.

Thanks =)!

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Lorelei Ngooi (1.5k22) | answered Dec 15 '10, 11:18 a.m.
Please translate the Spanish to English so we can help. If it translates to the English section above, then did you check that there is a CQ query folder named "CQ Connector Tutorial" under the Public Queries/CQ Connector Querys folder?

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